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6th Annual Boil & Bru

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Some sponsorship opportunities offer multiple benefits. Crescent Rotary’s Boil and Bru is one of those opportunities!

Over the past years, Boil and Bru has become a social highlight of the year with good company, live music, delicious food, and various beers brewed locally in the Triad.

Crescent Rotary Club Foundation, has had a positive impact in our community for over 50 years. Proceeds help alleviate hunger, distribute medical care, educate children, clean our environment, and serve wounded veterans.

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Thank You to This Year’s Sponsors

Consider donating to the Crescent Boil and Bru tax-free using a qualified charitable distribution. 

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In addition, because QCDs reduce the balance of the IRA, they may reduce required minimum distributions in future years. QCDs are also not counted toward the maximum amounts deductible for those who itemize their giving on their taxes—the $100,000 can be above and beyond those limits. For these reasons, a QCD can potentially enable a donor to give a bigger charitable gift than they could if they just donated cash or other assets. Learn more about charitable tax strategies.

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